Week 5 & 6

Red riding hood
Perspective: Big bad wolf

While sneaking In the woods. I saw a girl. Red.. Just red.
I decided to go ask where she was going.
I asked. “Where are you going?”
She said back and flinched.
“I-I’m going to visit my grandma, W-Why?”
I told her my awnser. “Hm. Just asking.”
I snickered. As she went off I ran on searched
For a house. I found the house and run myself in. As the ‘grandma’ was not moving. I guess too lock her in the closet
And got her clothes and hid under the bed acting like the grandma. Then she came

One thought on “Week 5 & 6

  1. Hi Bastian, I really like this piece. It is really descriptive and engaging. The speech you have included adds interest to your writing.
    Well done. John.

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