Outdoor game: Reverse dodgeball

Reverse dodge ball


You have to throw with the reverse hand that you already throw with.
If you hit anyone under the waist they aren’t out,
To get people out you need to hit from above their waist to under they’re neck
If you hit people above the neck YOU are out
To get yourself out of being out you have to go on the opposite team and kick a ball back, if the teammates get hit then they are still in, and you are in as well
If you catch the ball you are out
There is a 10 second grace period.
You can crossover to get the balls from the other side but if the opposite team tags you while doing this, you are out. But if you get to a ball in time, you cannot be tagged, you are safe
(Like crossover) When a person on your team gets tagged, you have to save them by bringing them back. When you get tagged while doing this, you have to freeze and wait till someone comes back and takes you back.
The goal of the game is to get everyone on your side (out people) without them kicking the ball to anyone (without the other team getting to getting out of out)

What is a grace period?
“There is a 10 second grace period”
A grace period is a time/period that is a time that you can still run around and race to get the dodge balls, but you cannot crossover or throw them during this time, when the grace period is close to a finish the countdown from 3 will start.

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