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Cars are a form of road transportation and they have been a big hit since 1900’s.

What are Cars?
Cars are a piece of road transport that was introduced in the 1900s, they were a big hit back then. Nearly 100,000 cars are built every minute! Cars have transformed a lot since the 1900’s nearly every adult has a car, nearly costing $11,000 dollars!

How do Cars work?
Cars work 2 different ways. Some cars are back wheeled but others are front wheeled. The difference is that the BWD(backward) cars are not good at corners, for example, the ford Gt. it was the first BWD car ever created in 1977, on the other hand, FWD(forward) cars are heaps better at controlling around corners but are not fast at changing gears. It is hard to find a BWD Car because 67% of cars on earth are FWD cars. Ford GT is hard to get because it is $120,000 dollars.
What do Cars look like?
Cars all don’t look the same because certain brands have a Certain part of the car that on every car that they make. For example. BMW. On the front of all they’re cars are two little holes shaped like ovals with stripes in them.
The same thing with lambragini. They make the front of their cars a massive rectangular hole in the front to make their cars look very expensive.

Do cars have different types?
Yes they do but some brands only make one so you can’t realise.
Some video games have all the vehicle types in lists. Suck as motor world. A game where you make cars as exactly the same way As you make it in real life. But the most common type of car are coupes because they are very cheap and they mostly come in handy when going to tight corners or low heights. Another common type are SUVs. They are used a lot like Mitsubishi triton. And a ford ranger. They are both used for one reason: work. Some people have to go to work in the mountains. Such as. Tillers, miners. Etc.

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