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The one by itself

The Cats And the Dog
It was autumn but one person wasnt having a good time. It was Lucy, Lucy was a cat that lived in a house for years and years without any friends or brothers or sisters,

But on one Rainy Evening, She really wanted to go outside. So, She put her paw on the front door and Wished for Some Other cat to see and a Tear fell out of her eye.

Then The Door Opened Slowly.. Another cat Showed up,
Lucy was in shock, The Other Cat Introduced himself, “Hello! My name is Luke, I Haven’t seen another face in ages!” Lucy was Scared, She had never Talked to another cat before, “H-Hi-i-i…?” She Said Faintly, Lucy looked Very scared! She Went on, “M-My Name is…” And then Stopped,

Luke was Very confused, Lucy let Luke in, And Lucy told Luke her name. They had lots of fun together!

1 Month Later…

“ITS A BOY!!!!” Luke yelled out, After Lucy having a Baby Kitten!
They both named it Max! But then they were both into big trouble, The Owner had a Pet dog for the cats to play with, But the dog was always outside, no big problem! Until The Owner LET the dog inside, The Dog Went up to the Kitten and said: “What even are you? Your so small i can squash you!” Then The kitten cried and lucy showed up, “Stop Teasing Max! But then the dog thought that 1 was easy to beat, But then Luke comes. Then the dog gets scared and runs away

The End!


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