SWBATPTASFEU? (Should we be able to play terraria at school for educational uses)

Should we be able to play terraria at school for educational uses

Terraria is a fun game made by a bunch if groups put together, At most schools it is banned for most reasons. But terraria can give kids at school some facts about some creatures in our world.


Terraria has mathematics included to make the game fun. For example,  At NPC Shops you need a certain amount of coins to buy useful stuff. For example, To buy a Minishark you need 35 Gold coins, if you have 39 coins you will have 4 left over. and the work of addition, When you want to craft something, you will need at least 2 other stuff. Like if i wanted to make a rope coil, I need 5 ropes and a chain, And when you add them together it creates something new!

Real Living Creatures

Most creatures in terraria  are in real life too!

There is all kinds of creatures in terraria, Most people think the over 99 mobs of creatures are not real. but think again! Creatures like hornets and bunnys and antilions and bats are in terraria too! Along with real life. Even Turtles, Wolfs, Dogs, Cats and a lizard,

Plus there are spiders in terraria known as the black widow and the jungle creepers,


Most biomes in terraria are thought to not be real, but some are! Most biomes like the hallow and corruption are not real, but most are! Like the forest, Main biome where bunnies, ducks and blue jays can spawn. The desert Is a Forests Counterpart witch is where vultures, antilions and scorpions spawn. then we have the jungle witch is where jungle bats and piranas spawn and lastly the dirt and stone layer witch follows the underworld or as known as hell.

So this text was to tell you how much we should play terraria at school for uses of education! Terraria can be a nice game that teachers dont like but after this it can change thier mind!

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  1. Hi Bastian,
    This is a really great persuasive writing piece. I think that it is very convincing. You have highlighted how it is educational and useful for your learning! Maybe we can use it our learning at some stage.

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