Sleep Quiz

I can awnser a normal everyday quiz/survey that is on the blog


Do you feel too tired in the morning and want to stay in bed?                  Yes!


Do you yawn alot?                                                                                     No.


Are you irritable or bad tempered when you get up?                                  No.


Do you find it hard to concentrate on what you are doing?                       100000/20 Yes.


Do you make mistakes in really easy work?                                                  5/10 maybe


Does it take you ages to learn anything new?                                            Yes Because we dont get

                                                                                                               Learning Must do’s


Do you try to get out of physical exercise because you don’t feel             Mostly yes but other times

like it?                                                                                                     Always


Do you want to sleep during the day?                                                       Every single second of my



Do you spend lots of time daydreaming?                                                  YesYesYes Yes Yes 😛

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